It is influence, you dumb bell, not authority

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October 20, 2017 by pecanbutter

If you want to show your power to the world as the leader of us, then you better be impartial. You do not have trust for the people under you. Please, we all have doubts and are suspicious of whether we would get into shit. But even if you have doubts could you please hold that in and watch from afar. You’re disturbing our inner peace.

You try not to look the part of an idiot.

An idiot is a petty someone. When you get petty, you let negative emotions cloud your rational mind and your supposedly acute judgement as a leader. You overlook red alerts and stupidity on purpose because you take everything out of context and view them through the narrow lens of reason.

It is not difficult to understand that you dislike the fact you didn’t win the popular vote with some. Everyone wants to be the one everyone likes but being a leader isn’t playing a popularity game. When you, the one holding our fates in your hand, when you give in and overlook stupidity to win a popular vote, man, you’re playing a dangerous game that could blow up in your face.

Stop being an emotional baboon. You let your pride get into the way of the great scheme of things. You see questions as a sucker punch to your ego. Your indecisiveness and insecurity makes everyone cringy. Man up.

You hide like a clam when the surrounding negativity scares you. You forget to look for the silver lining in the dark clouds. You forget that you have other people on the boat with you. You forget that since you want to be the one in charge, then you come out of clam shell and do the work. You take the fork and fight the shit. Even if your heart is losing hope in the dark clouds, you save your crew.

You cannot keep telling people you’re getting off the boat and leaving us behind. You can say ‘management sucks’ as a reason why we don’t get what we want and leave it be. You cannot say that some place else is shinier than where you are at now. You cannot say it in our faces. We don’t need to know you’re abandoning our ship like a pus*sy.

I wish you’d be someone great. I really did. I would follow a leader to the end of the ocean if he shows me the world he envisions and leads us to it. I would stand my pride and ego down because they mean nothing to me. I only want to learn from the process. I wish you’d stop that old fashion thinking that having a title makes you the almighty. It does not. You just look pathetic trying to act the part.

So you know, I’m not saying anything anymore nowadays not because I have been subdued. I just cannot be bothered with you anymore. But the world needs to know the truth before I disappear, so here is my truth.


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