Life is not about the position you’re holding or the new car you own 

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June 17, 2017 by pecanbutter

These past days being by myself in a place where there’s not much to distract me had me reflecting about many things, especially events in the past months. I will say that I had been very angry and very disappointed with some who have crossed my path, with their ideologies and obsessions with worldly possessions and leave it as that. 

But blessed is life as it is sometimes frustrating, there are people whom I’ve discovered to be gems. 

They are the people I miss when I’m overseas. I miss spending time with them. I miss being around them. I miss who I am when I’m with them – happy. 

They are the people who have made my living inspiring and motivating, imprinting their footprints on my path. I like to think of myself as a source of inspiration for my friends but the truth is, they inspire me more. I feel a new sense of ‘oh wow you people are amazing,’ when I’m with them. 

They are the people who have shown me that the most precious things in life are relationships and bonds, for these ones never break. New cars, money, high job positions will all fade one day but not good strong bonds and relationships. 

I hope to thank them, through my actions, for being part of my journey on earth. 

I hope to grow stronger to lend them a hand when they need one. 

I hope they will give me a chance to be a gem in their lives as they have been in mine.

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