Even though they may be in a better place now, deep down inside, we wonder

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June 12, 2017 by pecanbutter

Dear everyone,
At any moment in time, if ever you feel like you are losing it, feel like everyday is a struggle to keep up with life, please reach out to someone for support and guidance out of the darkness.
We too often think ourselves as super humans and masters of the universe.
We think our shield against the bad things in the world will never fail.
We think that if we speak of weakness, that makes us vulnerable.
Anything that is not okay will never be okay when you sweep it under the rug. No one close to you will shame you for reaching out to them for guidance.
Do not assume that they should/would/must/shouldn’t/don’t need to know. They would want to know before it is all too late.
Don’t take the entire world from your shoulders inwards you.
The darkness will consume you.
The world will swallow you whole.
There might be nothing left of you when the world occupies your inner space.
Share, rant, vent and then move on.
Once it’s released, let it go. 
It was not yours to keep in the first place.

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