One small positive act in the morning could change your whole day. Be the energy you want to attract

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June 2, 2017 by pecanbutter

When I saw the storky tanned ang mo out of the pool, I got out too and approached him. I was apprehensive and fearful. He sounded really angry when I bumped into him in the swimming lane a while ago and the lifeguards had to shout out to him to keep calm.

What if he started to rail at me for being a twat and told me that having taken part in a triathlon (I was wearing my metasprint swim cap) didn’t give me the right to swim in the pool in any way I wanted to. What if he gave me a lecture on pool ethics with everyone at the complex looking on. I’d die of embarrassment on the spot. 

It was my first time in that complex. I don’t usually swim in public pools but that pool was the ideal training location for me to do my bike-swim training. 

Anyway, I walked over and I spoke these words,

“I’m sorry for what happened just now. It’s my first time here and I didn’t know the proper way to swim the lanes. I’m really sorry.” To my relief, that man was caught off guard by me coming up to him and surprised by the apology. He told me that it was okay and that he shouted only because a head on collision which could be dangerous. Phew. 

I am glad I plucked up courage to apologise despite my inner resistance. I didn’t know him. It might have been easier on my nerves if I allowed myself to be pissed and heck him for another stupid person at the swimming complex. But truth was, I was at fault and I probably did shock him in the pool by swimming head on into him. 

So end of the day, it doesn’t take much for me to apologise and I’m sure it made him feel better. 

So why not? 

‘One small positive act in the morning could change your whole day. Be the energy you want to attract.’ 😄


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