Me, my friends and my rivals 


May 30, 2017 by pecanbutter

I judge myself by my intentions, my friends by their deeds and my rivals by their mistakes. 


3 thoughts on “Me, my friends and my rivals 

  1. XL says:

    Isn’t it unfair like that? Others’ intentions are equally important, no?


    • Soo Ee says:

      The intentions of others a are important if they do equal disclosure and if there is trust in that relationship. If not, then there’s a lot of guessing of intentions ans that’s tiring. So far I find that this works best. I would be more than happy to hear your opinions if you are keen to share 🙂


  2. XL says:

    Since it’s generally hard to identify whether one is a friend or not, I still think that in order to make the best response to anything, one should try to understand others’ intentions. Doing so would minimise misunderstandings,even if that person is not your close friend. (: It may even make your initial rival a friend, or vice versa.


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