They are amazing. They are brave. They are strong.

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May 15, 2017 by pecanbutter

A particular girl stood out. The day before the grading examination, she told me she had forgotten her pattern. She was diligent and could understand concepts easily and the last time I checked, she knew it well.

“She was surely experiencing an anxiety mental block,” I thought.

She did not look me in the eyes when I assured her to have faith in her learning and to focus on what she had been doing up to this point in time. I got no acknowledgement she heard what I said.

Sunday came. I reassured her again. She still did not look me in the eyes.

When all was done, I was curious what she thought of her first grading examination. The first time is always an important one. It is the one you remember for life.

I turned to her and asked “So, was the examination tough?”

She looked me in the eye, smiled a big one and shook her head to no.

She absolutely believed that she could so she did.


The soon-to-be-kicking-asses mummy and her two little ones.

Team JT. She started tkd late last year because she has always wanted to do it.

It is never too late for anything. There is never a good time but now to start anything.

The boys and I went for brunch close to noon.

How time flies. One of them is heading to uni this coming semester and one was commissioning from his commando course in September. It was amazing to hear the dreams they shared with me and the hopes they have of the future. The time spent with them was inspiring and it made me very happy the way life is.

It is not what we have in life but who we have in life that matters.


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