Do not run at 2.30 pm

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May 11, 2017 by pecanbutter

I did a brick training today. It was going to be one interval run followed by a pool session.

I just had to pick the steepest slopes at Bukit Timah Nature Reserve to run on a hot midday. 

“No less,” I told myself. “I will finish six reps of two minutes as stated in the plan,” I said as a matter of fact.

Reality bit painfully hard. I DNF and ended the interval training at set five sets. 

Damn freaking lung busting slopes. 

I could probably push and go for the last one up but I was afraid my heart would give up before my mind did.

I felt wimpish and defeated. I have clearly gone over my head on this. I overestimated my body and underestimated the Singaporean humidity. 

I huffed and puffed a little too loud and offended the resident monkeys. The larger furry ones wanted to snatch my Oakley shades. I thought about grabbing the tail of one and using it to tee ball the rest of the attacking ones.

I haven’t done these killer slopes for almost a year. I thought though the six reps might be a little difficult, it wouldn’t exactly going to be that difficult to conquer? I thought I was going to kill the workout. 

I died a little inside but oh well. This is why we have tomorrow’s right, to do what we didn’t do right today. 



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