Saturday early morning ride to Upper Thompson and back

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April 22, 2017 by pecanbutter

So today,  I went for an early ride with my friends.

If my experience today count as anything, 

I learnt that:

1. A lighter helmet is always better, even if the heavier helmet is a stylo looking white Triple 8 helmet. Heavier helmets strain the neck. No wonder I have been feeling kind of achy around the neck area after each ride. 

Like duh I know. 

2. I was suppose to follow traffic rules and stop and move together with the other vehicles on the road. Traffic rules are for all vehicles on the road, including bicycles. Riding a bicycle should make me thankful that the other vehicles are aware of my presence on the road. It doesn’t make me the king of the road. My apologies to drivers who might have met me on the road before today.

Please forgive this one ignorant road noob.

3. Google map is unreliable. “Anywhere in Singapore is possible to cycle to,” I was told. That didn’t explain why I could be lost the last few times I cycled on my own. 

4. The best way not to get lost in Singapore is to not to ride alone but to ride with people who ride on a regular basis. 

5. Sometimes we need friends on the road with us. It makes the tough and could be monotonous rides fun.


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