Basic bread baking at baker and cook 

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April 2, 2017 by pecanbutter

I never thought much about what I want in a kitchen until I went for my first bread baking class. Two things are a must- a kick ass oven and a table spacious enough for me to roll a dough and prep food. 

Why I would pay $245 to learn to make bread, something I could get off the shelf easily. Work since the beginning of the year had been nothing but frustrating and disappointing. I wanted to find something to learn on a weekend, something I could do other than work or working out. 

The story goes, I was at Baker and Cook at 7am on a Saturday morning, drinking my double shot piccolo latte and eating my veggie quiche with home brought oats. I picked up a brochure and flipped to the portion where they had classes to teach you how to make multi grain bread. You have to first attend a 6 hour basic bread making session before you could sign up for that. I was more interested in the multi grain one but I thought six hours for a workshop didn’t sound like it was a fun and play session only, like the ones I did in NYC. I was interested so I signed up for it. 

Me thinks, bread baking is like life. 
What matters is not what goes in. What matters is you. You make your own life, not the things you add into it thinking you’re filling up your life. The bread might turn out differently, despite having the same ingredients thrown into it, because a large bit of it depends on your bread making technique. Likewise, your life is shaped by you, not by someone or anything else. We must always be aware of what we want, because if we don’t, we will end up getting someone else what they want.

Most importantly, I have to learn to be gentler, like if I want the dough to turn out the right way I have to be gentle with it. I have to be gentler with the people close to me and with the things around me. Not in the physical but rather, in the nurturing way.  Tough love was what taught me I have to be the one to get what I want because no one else would hand it to me, but I have to mindful too that not everyone is me and not everyone is used to tough love. Some folks work better when nurtured and if I value them in my life, I must not enforce tough love upon them. You won’t know what’s fragile till it’s broken and sometimes it’s too late when you ruin a good thing. 

The session was very good. I learnt many things about bread. I now appreciate the non-processed non-factory made ones more than ever. 

I still won’t eat white bread but if it’s made by hands and baked by bakers and not in a factory, gimme the carbos! 

This is what I hope my focaccia bread would look like in the future when I have mastered my bread making skills to a level good enough to make it for other people. 

That’s mine, second from the bottom. The slicing before oven wasn’t deep enough to create the ridges. The first loaf belongs to Dean Brettschneider, the owner and the head baker of Baker and cook. 

This oven 😍 I want one of this someday. 

I want one of this island too, in a kitchen which looks like this  😍 Marrrrrrr..beeeeerrrr .. 

The markings at the side of our white bread and what it should look like, according to Dean, if you roll the dough really tight before dropping it into a tin for the oven. 

My dough, waiting to meet the world. 

Lunch time! 


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