Taekwondo Open Championship 2017 

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March 26, 2017 by pecanbutter

He earned his medal well and good. 

I have seen him grow from the time he joined NTUTKD to becoming a fighter you would think twice about messing with in the arena. 

The secret to that is hard work, effort and perseverance. 

If I didn’t say it enough that day, it was an awesome show of power that day ya. I am so very proud of you! 

My dear fighter, it broke my heart to watch your last match on NTU grounds. It was a close fight and you were so close yet so far from a good win. Still, I am very proud of you and the fight you have put up. 

Moving on, I want to tell you not to give up wanting to be unstoppable and to continue being a difficult opponent in the arena. Being unstoppable does not mean you don’t have failures. What it really means is that you continue despite the failures! 

“In all, I hope that everyone gained something useful through this whole time. More than anything, learning is about gaining new perspectives and motivations. Learning is what makes life so fascinating and meaningful. Be inspired by what you have experienced and use what discourages you to be stronger. We may not be at where I projected us to be at, I will try for it the next time. I really hope to continue this journey with all of you. 

Last but not least, please have a good break this week (no training is allowed) and when you’re done resting, go death choke all your assignments and examinations. They deserve your immediate attention. Be well and have a good week ahead.”


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