My goal won’t have an expiry date

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March 18, 2017 by pecanbutter

Excuses sound like “The water was too choppy”, “It was too late in the morning to swim”, “You didn’t rest well the week leading up to this race”, “You shouldn’t have that quiche in the morning before the race”, “You didn’t get enough caffeine in that two shots of espresso.”

.. the list goes on .. 

Long story short, I completed the swim and run to finish. The water got to me again today. I let fear get the better of me again.  

I will do something. I will spin the actions needed to inspire the motivation to keep going. I will let failure push me forward. 

I will master how to swim in a straight line. I will keep calm when water gets into my system. I will focus on counting my kicks and strokes. I will get my technique in shape. 

Come get me. 

One day, I will say “I did it. I swam like a dolphin in open water.” Today, my failures will push me forward. 

I am ready to fail. 

Teach me how to succeed. 


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