Out and let it stay out 

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February 22, 2017 by pecanbutter

I constantly struggle with the decision to take the easy way out of a difficult task or situation.

I find it easier to drop something that’s mentally stressful than to convince myself to hang in there.

I find it less of a hassle to leave when the system doesn’t match my ideal, than to fight tooth and nail for the right to be.

I find life bearable when I do not give considerable thoughts to the way I did things.

I call that my lazy-brain-saying-why-bother-just-heck- it attitude.

But the fact is, I have always wanted to be an educator and still am one because I love teaching. I want to empower. I want to educate. I want to enrich  I want to encourage. I want to engage. I enjoy sharing what  I have learnt. I want people to learn from my sharing. I want to gather experiences like how a proud farmer gathers the crops he has harvested. I want others to use me like a living guide to life. I want to live and breathe motivation. I want to get my drive from motivation. I want to be inspiration.

To lead by example, I became mindful of my lazy brain. Though I know that it is through the things we experienced that we grow and become a better version of ourselves, I know too that the human basic survival instinct is to take the easy way out.

So, I created strategies to deal with those lazy brain situations. Most times, I managed to kill the idiot brain and strive on. Sometimes I fail and I fall back into my dark place. The process isn’t easy. It requires a huge amount of time and effort. It really becomes too much on some days.

But at the end of it all, life is short. I am at its mid-point, both fortunately and unfortunately. I can choose to let life pass me by accidentally or I can choose to live it with intent. I love learning new things about myself, be it good or bad. I am filled with anticipation when I take on something new. It gives me something to look forward to. If I fail, I look at the processes, I review and I get back on it again. I enjoy having intent.

I hope I have little or no regrets at the end of my life.

‘We never lose our demons, Mordo. We only learn to live above them.’ – John Wick

So here you go. My methods to deal with the lazy brain.

Strategy #1

“Does this sound like lazy?”

I force myself to write down reasons for what I want to give up. Anything that falls within the reasons of lazy (e.g. I do not want to travel, I do not feel like making new friends, I am comfortable even if I am not happy) gets thrown out of the window.

I shut the negative voice inside and keep going.

Strategy #2: 

“My goals are ….”

I set goals. I write them down. I look at these goals during my moments of weakness. My moments of weakness usually happen when I am mentally tired.

The goals I set remind me why I started. They remind me what I hope to make of myself.

They are words that speak to me. I see myself in them and failing to meet them meant I was letting myself down.

Strategy #3:

“One tough thing at a time.”

Pick one tough thing to do. Do it and use the experience as your motivation. Then do another on. Repeat. The tough that you do will serve as your guardian angel through tough times. “I swam in the freaking open sea, drank so much sea water and survived. This here, it isn’t that tough so keep calm and carry on.”


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