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January 21, 2017 by pecanbutter

On Saturday morning

Waking up a little too early for breakfast with a friend and the zero possibility of going out for a run with a body that’s out of whack.

Hmmm .. maybe I could ride up to the breakfast place instead of driving. 

The last time 

My last cycling episode was in November 2016. I hadn’t been on the bicycle since. By then, I was too close to hitting my forty races goal and didn’t want a stop-short to happen and ruin my plan to complete strong.

I very happily bought a triple eight skateboard helmet for myself. I wanted to ride to work on some days but that never happened. It was difficult to ride when I always have to be somewhere not very near to home, almost everyday after work.

Then a week ago, I reunited with the bicycle and the road because a painful muscle strain made running painful and difficult.

I am sorry, dear bicycle, to have left you in the dust for so long. 

Soo the cyclist 

This morning, I was the cyclist on the road riding a white blue bike with a white triple eight skateboard helmet. I prefer the skateboard helmet to the cyclist one. I wore no bicycle shorts because they were uncomfortable. I wore no pro-looking cycling shoes and outfit because I am the cheapo minimalist cyclist.

The journey 

The trip from Woodlands to Toastbox @Railmall was only about 11 km but in that short span of time, my stress level was up to my neck. The bad near-collision experiences in the past immediately surfaced when I went onto the main road. I kept wondering if I would become Sunday Times’s headline ‘Cyclist left to die after being hit by vehicle.’

Every time a huge cement truck zoomed past me at high speed, I stiffened and momentarily held my breath. There were surprisingly many of such trucks going at high speed this early in the morning.

OMG.. OMG.. OMG … 

It was not good that the monster vehicles were stressing me. I still had quite a bit more road to cover.

I could head back at the u-turn in front and drive to the breakfast place.

I cannot be a wimp.

This is about being alive. 



So this is what I did to have a peaceful ride.

I noted the ‘checkpoints’ along the way – Kranji, Choa Chu Kang, Bukit Panjang, Hillview- They helped me keep my mind occupied and the morbid thoughts out.

I counted the breaths I took. I made sure I took deep steady breaths through my nose.

When I heard an oncoming vehicle, I zoomed onto a point on the road and focused on it instead of looking over my shoulder.

I kept the frontal portion of the bicycle straight.

I survived! 

Good day it is. I think I got this. I am alive and standing despite the initial fears and can now proudly claim that I am one step closer to being fearless on the road.


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