Swimming is hard work 


January 17, 2017 by pecanbutter

I’ve finally put my money down for three months of pool session to prepare for the upcoming aquathlon in February. My goal this time is to not end up last or second last. 

I decided on not going for crossfit before the swim, like the last time, to conserve my end-of-the-day-depleting energy. I consumed a high caloric early dinner of waffle and fried chicken to deal with the cold water. I didn’t shiver at all in the pool, unlike the last time but the fried chicken was a terrible mistake. Fried food before an intensive training session is always a bad idea. 

The coach mentioned I lifted my head up a little too high, resulting in my lower body sinking downwards when I reached up for a breath of air. She said a 1/4 side of my goggles should be in the water. I tried that and breathed in chlorine water. On some strokes, I drank the water instead. 

When I had the buoy in between my legs, I could hardly control my ‘glide’ through the water. I was moving left and right, and right and left like a small boat in the middle of the ocean. I was struggling in the water. 

I became really exhausted towards the end. I was trying my best to push and kick to complete the 100 metre intervals but I was still very far behind everyone. I couldn’t keep to the left side of the lane. I kept swimming into the other lane and got in the way of the oncoming swimmers. 

I was always the last one to return to the start and among us was a boy no older than 12. 

At the end of the day, no one is too old to get their ass kicked. I got mine kicked pretty good during the pool training session yesterday. 

I will be brave and continue to let it happen, until I become stronger.


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