2016 in retrospective 

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December 28, 2016 by pecanbutter

Thank you all for many really good memories.

Thank you all for all for the I-am-so-proud-of-you moments in 2016.

Thank you mortal body, for holding up and staying strong through the 40 runs. This last medal piece is for you.

Thank you Chiang Mai, for letting me see how beautiful you are. I love your serenity, cafes and people.

Thank you all for being around in my absence.

Thank you sis, for this little bundle of joy who has made me realise how much I love being an auntie.

Thank you for the many years of friendship, the countless trips to JB and everything else.

Thank you Universe, for keeping me in one piece through the 365 days.

Thank you Mong Kok, for the awesome smelly beancurd.

Thank you ladies, for the camaraderie.

Thank you Mel, for making me proud, as I watch you grow from a boy to a man.

Thank you Eddie and Fyie, for always being there for me, whether for work or lepak.

Thank you all for reminding me how much I love doing what I do.

Thank you fellow colleagues, for making the year interesting and unconventionally fun.

Thank you Javier and Marcus, for the countless Saturdays you’ve spent at class.

Thank you for running with me after school.

Thank you for all the love the world could hold.

Thank you Jo and Jayce, for always giving me the support I need to build my vision.

Thank you Gold Coast, for keeping the weather cool and the supporters awesome during my first marathon of the year, on your soil.

Thank you Seattle, for the Rock and Roll series.

Thank you JT, for always inspiring me to give my best in whatever I do and being someone I can look up to.

Thank you hair stylist JJ for convincing me to fade the sides.

Thank you Singapore Spartan, for the non-muddy, grassy race.

Thank you friends-who-run-races, for making my runs and bump-ins with you after the runs something to look forward to.

Thank you Innov8 Trail for my sixth position prize.

Thank you NTUTKD, for believing in me to bring you to greater heights.

Thank you, Audrey and Liza, for the invite to hike the hills of Hong Kong. You both have made me very motivated to go on another hike someplace else.

Thank you ladies, for the surprise birthday surprise in February.

Thank you Hong Kong, for luring me to your trail for my first overseas run.

Thank you friends from Japan, for enjoying Auntie Ragita’s famous pork curry.

Thank you sporty ladies, for the friendship.

Thank you for getting me started on running three years ago. I would never have thought to do it on my own. The 40 runs in 2016 would not have been possible without your first invite to take part in that first race with you.


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