Race number 40 

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December 27, 2016 by pecanbutter

Race: Thailand International Half

Date: 25 December

Distance: 21 km

The run route was good. We started off at the other side of Rama 8 bridge and ran all the way through the expressway to the other side of old Bangkok and u-turn at 10.5 km. The road was well maintained without any potholes. The little reflectors tripped me once and I fell. That was just me being clumsy.

The majority of runners turned up in dark colours. The national anthem was played before flag off and everyone stood still. It was amazing to hear them sing the national anthem.

everyone was singing united , respectful

Towards one another, hydration points every 2 km, flag off at 4 am though website was on Thai google translated , 800 baht, two race pack collection

Woo hoo! I am officially done with my forty runs! It has been an unbelievably wild year for me, traveling in and out of Singapore for races almost every other weekend while juggling work and everything else in between.

I am grateful for everything that has happened so far, because they made me realised how kind the Universe has been to me and how much I am loved by the people around me. I seriously can’t be thankful enough.


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