Race number 39 

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December 26, 2016 by pecanbutter

Race: Chiang Mai Marathon 

Date: 18 December 2016 

Distance: 21 km 

Start point: Thae Phae gate 

The food offerings are substantially good. There is a stall making omelette rice, another grilling sticky pork, scooping mush (the mushier version of porridge), grass jelly in bowls, Chiang Mai sausages, Macdonald hamburgers , instant eggs, banana, packs of coconut water , Chang ‘not beer’ mineral water and 100 plus. 

Though the 10 km and 21 km merged about 5km to the finish line, we were directed to opposite directions near the 500m mark to finish. The weather was cooling. It was about 23 degrees at 5am when we were flagged off. There were sufficient water points along the way for hydration. We had a bit of ra ra for motivation close to the end. 

Downside, there were not enough distance signs for motivation. The signages were placed too low to the ground and runners risked tripping on them.  We ran on roads that were not fully closed. While I was walking to the start line, I saw a few of the full marathon elite runners running in between moving vehicles on the road. The 10km and 21 km runners merged at the 5km mark and people were everywhere. 

All in all, I conclude this beautiful Sunday in Chiang Mai with my 39th race medal for 2016. One more race to go before forty finishes its run. 

I hope this looks like someone who is going to age gracefully. I was young and foolish so I hope to grow old and wise. 

Have a good year ahead everyone, whichever part of the world you are at. 

It is good to be alive and healthy.


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