foodphotofail #1 

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November 30, 2016 by pecanbutter

It’s amazing how food photography is. How the food always look so appetising and alive. A lot goes behind what the final product becomes. 

In my pursuit of making better food,  I have learnt that presentation is most things. I must be able to not only make good tasting food, I must be able to dress it in a style that makes it look tantalising and calling out to your soul. 

I’m trying out one recipe a day for 30 days. I intend to photograph what I conjure up in the kitchen and place it side by side the original picture done by the professionals. My hope is that someday, no one would be able to tell the difference. 

In the meantime, I seek all constructive feedback and comments. Please don’t hesitate to. You will be helping me make my food look better for mass approval. I promise I won’t hate you for whatever comments you might have. 

For my first go, I have here a Blueberry and cottage cheese fruit mixture on thick layer of peanut butter. All these went on a buttered toasted wholemeal toast and finish with freshly grated orange zest. 


My blueberries are shocked, awkwardly spaced and uniformly shaped. There is none of that peanut butter overflowing effect. I ran out of blueberries to roll off the plate like it was meant to be. 


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