Notes: Penang in November 

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November 28, 2016 by pecanbutter

Food: Saturday

Yong pin restaurant – reasonably priced dim sum 40 plus ringgit. Nice service staff. My friend is a vegetarian so she asked what could she have. They offered the non-meat selections and a while after, one of the staff came over and told us there was something else that she could eat, on top of what they have offered earlier.

Lunch – woke up after a two hour nap. Ee Beng vegetarian at lebuh dickens but no open. Wanted to go back to the same place Yong Xin because in the vicinity but stumbled upon bee hooi kopitiam. food looks decent a little pricey 14 ringgit for char kway tiao (4 bigger salty prawn) 7rm for wantan dumplings soup. Vegetarian along Lebuh Kimberly was closing down for the day.8rm for two sets- Mee goreng and Mee fen soup.

Cafe – narrow marrow. Machiatto and mocha frap. Served with soda water. Nice. Mocha frap came with whip cream

Japan chulia – guest houses

Cafe hopping –

Narrow marrow lebuh Carnavan – retro, old stuff, cozy, awesome machiatto served with soda water and lemon, mocha frap was not in the menu but the barista made it.

Mugshot cafe 302 lebuh Chulia – too clean, big , spectacle shop at the end, yogurt factory in the second room

Pitstop cafe 12 lorong chulia – no machiatto they don’t know what’s it , nice toilet almost outdoors


1. Dian Xin Zi Jia 点心之家 opens early morning, even when it was Monday we were there. We were here at 530 and the place was already bustling with activities and people. 香片 Chinese tea. egg tarts sesame balls. 19.40 rm. place filled with old people. People who were retired and just wanted to start the day with slow breakfast. Wanted Grab cab driver to drop at Jalan transfer but place wasn’t opened so he went a round and dropped us off at this place for Dim sum. Tipped him for the extra effort.
2. Small coffee place at 2 Jalan Burma. Eggs toast and coffee place. Standard Malaysia coffee – salty. Nicely toasted butter with sugar
3. Roti Bakar + canai – 56 Jalan transfer

4. Toh soon cafe – Campbell

5. Pots and pans place near chowrasta market – bought pot 16 rm and Chef knife that doesn’t have a handle 40 rm

6. Food hawker in market – Jalan kuala kangsar


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