Race number 37 

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November 27, 2016 by pecanbutter

Race: Asics Penang Bridge Marathon 

Distance: 42km 

Start point: Queensbay mall 

Date: 27 November 2016 

The good: 

  • No more of the ‘Marina Barrage’ to ‘East Coast park’ route. 
  • The race started at 1.30am. No sun in the sky at at least 5 hours. 
  • The goodie bag contained two mini shampoos, anti-perspiration cream, body lotion sample packs. 
  • Besides the medal and finisher tee, we were given goodie bags containing granola bars, 100 Plus and buns at the finish collection. 
  • Food was provided along the way. There were buns and bananas and energy gels. 
  • There were volunteers handing out handheld packs of ice. I took a pack and shoved it on my back. There were sponge buckets too. 
  • A Boy Scout ran up to me and passed two of the sponges to me. I actually didn’t want to take any. It was very nice of him to do that. 

The nasty: 

  • The race started at 1.30am, which was way past my bedtime. I was falling asleep halfway through the run.
  • Low frequency of signages indicating distance completed. The signages were not conspicuous enough to be noticed easily. 
  • Water hydration stations got too crowded all the time.
  • There was no transport provided to get out of the race venue. My friend and I were stranded for a good one hour because no calling cab wanted to come into where we were at due to the road closure. The cabs that came in eventually wanted to overcharge us. 
  • All participants from the half marathon, full marathon and 10km run ended together at the finish line, crowding it a little. It was a bit confusing where we were suppose to go to collect our medal and finisher tee. There was no big ass signage directing the way to the medal collection point. Have mercy on us. I doubt there was going to be very little left in the body and brain to wonder and wander. 
  • Too many people started walking too early on in the race. 
  • The first aid team didn’t have sprays. I know it’s not a norm to, I just want to say this. 

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