Stick to the plan 

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November 20, 2016 by pecanbutter

I will be quiet, but I will not be blind. I will not speak their language because I am not like them. They chose to follow a system which I do not believe in. I believe that it is fine. 

Stop looking for happiness in the same place you lost it. 

I detest the things that they have shown me. They are toxic. I had expectations that they would be nice because they showed me nice things. I don’t trust them. 

Stick to the plan. 

The protocol was previously devised to deal with this. It was devised so that I could have a chance at survival. I will try and hang in there just a little longer. I will sit this out. This fight isn’t mine anymore than it was before. It won’t be long. I will back at where I have always been. 

Stick with the plan. 

I must not let anyone tell me they will stand by me and fight alongside me when all they know to do is veer me off course. I cannot let anyone whose missions and visions are different from mine alter  mine. I should not let anyone who tries to sow discord anger me to burn my bridges. I do not think the nice man is nice. I seek out the untruths. I let the person who dares come to me and tell me and show me the truths guide me. I need to let in some faith. Or at least, some peace. I need my sanity. 


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