Race number 32

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October 22, 2016 by pecanbutter

Tough Mudder Sydney NSW 22 oct

Tough Mudder Full

Gosford, Sydney

It was the first race my flight plans had to be changed to an earlier departure time but it was not the first race I didn’t read the information for participants carefully before I registered. The flag-off was at 9.15 am and not earlier like I had expected it to be.

Thing I had to consider

1. The cost of traveling back and forth. It was cheaper to rent a car.

2. The time taken to travel from Sydney Central out to Gosford and back.

3. How was I going straight to the airport right after the race to catch the flight back to Singapore.

4. Would I be lost?

5. Was I a careful enough driver to avoid getting into an accident and wrecking the car?

After calculating the costs of getting a ride out and back, renting a car would be cheaper. With it, I found space to store my luggage and the clothes I needed to change into after the race for my trip back to Singapore. It would take about an hour 23 minutes to travel from the central to the town I was going to, if there was smooth traffic all the way. It made it easier I did not need to factor waiting time for my ride. Renting was my best option. The change in flight schedule disrupted my initial plan a little but thankfully I found a solution. Thankfully, it was not that difficult to navigate and thankfully too, I love the experience of being in control of bringing myself to my destination and to the airport for the flight back.

Morning of 22 October Saturday 

I arrived at Sydney international airport a little too early. I called the car rental place East Coast car rental. They were already open but the car I wanted wasn’t ready yet. They said I had to wait and that I could wait at their place. I was picked up by their company van. I saw more than one car being housed so I asked if I could get a car earlier. They weren’t able to.

I took a nap on the sofa in their lounge while waiting for my car to be ready. I picked the Suzuki Swift instead of the 4WD because my logic and rational side told me that a small and familiar car would be safer.

I located the place- Ibis budget at 61 central coast highway. It was nice hotel that was in a good location.

I checked Google map for a place to east. ‘Patty and buns Milk Bar’ was nearby and it was rated 4 stars on Google Map. I ordered the fried chicken burger and a machiatto. I ordered the vegetarian burger to go. The chicken burger deserved a 4 star rating or more.

I went to Imperial Emporium, a shopping centre nearby to look for more coffee. I forgot all shops close early in Australia and this place closes at 4.00 pm. I got distracted by Coles and skipped the coffee. I bought many jars of tahini and cashew/almond butter. I spent close to 110 AUD on groceries.

23 October Sunday 

There was Macdonald’s for breakfast. They were already open when I woke up. I missed the buns at ‘Milk and Patty.’ This morning, I was just hungry.

We were not required to finish within a time window and there was no medal. We would receive a finisher tee, a legion headband and a free beer.

“First timers, you are fools. Legionnaires, bigger fools.” 

The race wasn’t physically strenuous or challenging. It was a great reprieve from the competitive air in the other obstacle races I have participated in. The pools of thick viscous mud looked scarier than the obstacles. It was cleanliness freak hell.



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