Find your tribe. Love them hard. 

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October 16, 2016 by Soo Ee

I am not a perfect person. I make a lot of mistakes. I have flaws. But still, there are people who would always love the imperfect me, the confused me, the not so right me. My good friends. My tribe. 

Why my tribe is my most loved

1. We have mutual respect for one another. This doesn’t mean we agree with each another in everything we say or do. It does mean we have admiration for one another and a steady undercurrent of trust throughout the relationship. We know we will have each other’s back when the tough gets going. 

2. We are cool with each another. With them, I feel like I can be my own complete self in our friendship. I always have a chance to be myself and express how truly I feel. 

3. We take turns to lift one another up. We energize the friendship and help keep everyone afloat together. We know we become stronger when we are together. 

4. We leave the energy sapping dramas at the door. Life is too short to waste on unnecessary energy and emotions. 

5. We seek to create a friendship that is stronger than differences in perspectives or opinions, by valuing one another’s perspectives and opinions. We can have meaningful discussion (and even debate) around important issues without forfeiting the friendship over different opinions. We value one another’s perspective because we value one other.

6. We believe in open communication. The truth is sometimes hard to hear but we take note to speak it with love. A painful truth is always better than a hidden lie. Lies are more toxic to a relationship than dishonesty. You can’t constantly lie and expect people to trust you. 

7. We make each other better. My friends make me a better person by their positive influence and encouragement. They bring out the best in me. We don’t try to put down one another to make ourselves look better and we speak positive words about each other, in public and in private. 

‘Good friends are people who celebrate with us when we’re at our best but still love us at our worst.’


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