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October 15, 2016 by Soo Ee

The dog ate my cupcakes (CONSEQUENCE). I stupidly left them on the floor in my room, thinking that the dog would be too lazy to venture into my room this early in the morning (ASSUMPTION), what with the arthritis bothering him. When I walked into the room after showering, when I saw him cleaning his whiskers with his paws, I knew the cakes have been taken (REALIZATION). 

The cupcakes were expensive and a gift for my friends (ANGER). I told myself not to be angry (POSITIVE THINKING). I used to react strongly to him sneaking on my food but I came to realize that that didn’t help make our relationship better (ACCEPTANCE). He would become wary of me the days/weeks/months after because he was afraid (AWARENESS). I was at fault for leaving food within his reach (REFLECTION) and he didn’t know better (EMPATHY). The repercussions are real. The negative thoughts too (REFLECTION). 

Nothing I said or do could bring the cupcakes back. What mattered was the relationship between him and me (BARGAINING). 

I decided on the thought that no dog is perfect. I had my own idealism about owning the perfect ‘Lassie’ type of dog but mine has his strengths (SMART, ENDEARING) and weaknesses (GREEDY, MOODY). He is no doubt smarter than most hybrid dogs and has brought laughters to my family and friends. Having unreal expectations would be unfair to him. 

I started on cleaning up the mess up and shot him a ‘you *^*&$^GW^&^&^T# dog’ look. 

He may not the most perfect dog but I shouldn’t wait for him to be perfect before I can say I enjoy his company and will continue to do so despite what happened (TAKEAWAY). 


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