What I learnt when my dog ate up my cupcakes

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October 15, 2016 by pecanbutter

The consequence of leaving a box of cupcakes on the floor, assuming it was going to be safe and that I will be back soon enough, was my dog devouring every single one of them.

When I saw him wiping his cream stained whiskers with his paws, I knew the cupcakes have been taken.

The cupcakes were a gift for my friends. I was angry.

I have always been hard on him for sneaking up on my food, but these were gifts to cheer up my friends.

I came to realize that that my past flare up at him didn’t help make our relationship better. He would be pissed with me for being pissed at him for eating something I left on ground level for him. I sometimes forget that he acted mostly out of instincts.

I told myself not to be angry. It was not easy to think straight with all that emotion filling me up.

It was my bad. I was the human with a brain.

Nothing could bring the cupcakes back. What mattered was the present and he has always loved me.

I started on cleaning up the mess up and shot him a dirty look, which he totally ignored.

Oh well, he may not the most perfect dog but I shouldn’t wait for him to be perfect. I know I will never have the same smart dog again in this lifetime.


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