Race #31 Spartan Beast KL

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October 9, 2016 by Soo Ee

I love and hate the Spartan Beast.

I hate it because this was the most gruellingly difficult race up to date, lasting up to 3 hours and 44 minutes. I dare say it is tougher than a full marathon, though the distance was only 21 km. The amount of water I imbibed throughout, the lactic acid burn all over my body, the rope burns, the endless uphill and muddy runs.

I love it because I had many first times on this course.

1. I managed to clear my most feared obstacle: the horizontal rope climb. I fell down like a sack of potatoes in the last race, and ended up doing 30 burpees.

There was a great number of rope burns then. I made it this time round. I just about hit the bell before I fell. It was a very satisfying fall, after the sound of the bell.

I have never wished for my body to resist pain and fatigue more than when I was hanging onto the rope with my elbows hooked onto it and looking at the bell in the far distance.

I heard those doing the burpees cheer for me. I think they heard my struggle because I was cursing and swearing.

“Come on, just one more pull. You can do this dammit. You cannot give up on me now. RING THE BELL! RING THE BELL!”

2. I only did the burpees penalty twice throughout the 30 obstacles. A vast improvement from the last few times.

3. I finally managed to clear carrying the 30 kg ball. I have never managed to carry the ball in prior races because of my back issues.

4. Volunteers were cheering me on. My arms were almost wasted midway of the race but I reached out my hand and shouted to fellow participants “You can do this!” I asked a group of them to hydrate proper because they were huddling under an umbrella under the hot late morning sun. I thanked volunteers along the way for handing out my hydration. I thanked them for their smiles. I thanked them all when I could.

5. I speared the board! YEAH!

6. My friends came to support me! I am reminded how blessed I am to have friends whom I can rely on and whom I know love me many many.

7. My friends drove me back to my hotel after the race, which ended later than I expected and I was running very late for my flight. They waited for me while I showered and drove me to the airport. They even waited for me to see if I managed to clear airport customs and before they drove back to Singapore.

8. I now have a pair of shoes I have to prepare a proper burial for.

Sizing up the crowd, in warrior mode.

Don’t leave the start line without your weight training gloves and hydration

So much mud.

The shoes are gone.

Dear friends who came down to support me!

Nice medal.


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