Believe in people and in what they can do and they will do just that 

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October 5, 2016 by pecanbutter

We all have varying degrees of potential within us and how much we reveal depends on the opportunities we were given during our developmental years.  

When I was younger I didn’t have the luxury of being coached by someone who believed in me. I was plump and awkward with movement, so naturally when it came to selecting participants for team games or Sports Day, I wasn’t a choice. 

Then someone told me something that I still remember up this day, too many years later, “Soo Ee, whatever it is that you set to do, it doesn’t matter how other people think, moreover whether they think you could do it or not. What matters is that you want to do that thing and that you believe that you will put in the effort to make it work. Once you’ve had that decided, you put in the best you’ve got. If you fail, at least you can tell yourself you did what you could do… And that you’ve tried … but here’s the thing, what if you succeed? You keep thinking what happens when you fail – you feel sad, demoralised, it’s embarrassing, just to name a few things, but have you thought about what happens if you succeed?” 

Frankly I didn’t. I had been schooled in failure so much that I didn’t even consider the fact that I could possibly win. 

I recalled when I was in primary school and it was Sports Day season. I had the opportunity to represent my class in a field event because ‘I was big sized enough to do shot put.’ I didn’t believe that I could do it. I had no good arm strength and I was clumsy like an elephant. What the teacher in charge said to me changed my mind. She told me to try because why not. I have got nothing to lose. Which was true, except for some embarrassment. After some persuasion, I decided to ‘stick my neck out.’ I went for house practice. I joined my classmates at the track to train. A month later, though I didn’t beat the other girls in my category, I came in 3rd and held my first medal. 

When I went to secondary school, I wanted to represent the class netball team in the inter class  games. Knowing my disadvantage and terrible physical abilities, I got my classmates to train me in the way of netball after school, everyday, for almost a month before the class team submission. When selection day came, I was in. Long story short, my class came in second and I played centre for my class. 

Fast forward to present day. Since that moment when I realised I could change things by putting forth my best, I set my mind on being awesome and now, I want to be an awesome coach. There are people out there who only see the talents. They want the talents. They think what could be better than God’s natural gift? 

There are also people like me, who sees beneath the talents and want to work on potentials instead. I know how it feels like to be placed on the bench just because you don’t have what it takes in the beginning. It’s a horrible feeling and I don’t want anyone to have to feel that. I want to be that coach who sees the potential, the attitude to learn and the willingness to take challenges in stride. I want to take all those better attributes and make it into something awesome. That is what I want to do because I can. 


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