Winning isn’t everything 

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September 20, 2016 by Soo Ee

I watched this video and thought the same, that yeah, winning isn’t EVERYTHING. 

You might wonder, in that case, what is in it for us train so hard and compete as if life and death depends on it?

My reply to you is this: 

We push ourselves hard during training because we want to witness for ourselves what the best our potential looks like. No one knows the full potential they have hidden in them. You will never know how high the sky you are capable of soaring is, until you push yourself beyond the sky limit. 

So if winning isn’t everything, then why do we compete? 

We compete to put forth our best, to celebrate hard work and effort and most importantly, to bring pride to the people who believe in us, when others didn’t. 

To me, winning is a bonus to all of that.


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