What I gathered during this Teacher’s day dinner 

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September 2, 2016 by Soo Ee

1. Your thoughts about what’s going on shapes your life. 

I have something to confess: we knew more or less we were going to win ‘the best dressed table’ award. Nope, we didn’t get insider news that we were going to win. The green crowns and pineapple theme was an absolutely creative and neat idea and we saw no other group had the same getup as us. They didn’t have handmade props like ours. When the emcees announced that we won, as we had pre-planned, I stood up and shouted our victory cheer “WHO LIVES IN A PINEAPPLE UNDER THE SEA!” And the answer “SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS” was screamed by the others at the table. We followed that war cry with a human table wave just to celebrate we knew we were going to win. 

2. Doing things calmly and carefully leads to no stress. 

Team Pineapple at work solving the table puzzles. These ladies were pasting the pictures with so much zen in the air about them. It seemed like they’ve got it covered so I decided to leave them be and instead pose for the photographer. No one showed stress at the table that night. 

3. Chances made us colleagues. Hearts made us friends. 

I really am thankful to Vina who did most of the nasties in the first semester and to Jo, who stepped up in the second semester thus relieving me the pain of managing the dreary admin work. That released more time on my hands to plan and execute PE programs, something which I am always inspired to do. I do want to know theses people better in the rest of the year. I hope that they enjoyed my company so far, as much as I do, of theirs. 

4. Learn to choose one thought over the other. 

The department I work closely with. We don’t always get the best of situations to work with but we make do whenever we can. I don’t love them all the time but I do most times. I have learnt to give and take and think positively about the negatives that sometimes arise. 

5. Don’t lose what’s in front of you. Live in the moment everyday. 

I walked by, I saw and so I jumped in just to photobomb them. 

6. Happiness is working with awesome people.

No matter how tough work seems to be, the company makes work light and fun. 


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