Race #28 Puma Night run

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August 31, 2016 by Soo Ee

First time running run Seletar Aerospace Park.

Narrow running paths.  A little too many people. Good thing the crowd started thinning out at about 3 km and that gave me more space to speed things up a little. Water points were sufficient. Volunteers handing out the cups of water were nice and cheered us on. She gate crashed the event with me. I reminded myself not to post any pictures of us on social media so we will not get banned or taken down by netizens. I saw her at the 6 km mark and I sped to overtake her. Always my pacer. Owning to tight glutes I wanted to take it easy with the run but when I saw her ahead, or imagined she was ahead, I just couldn’t.

Talk about being competitive.

It was refreshing to run at a new venue. Singapore is just too small.

It was nice watching the sun set as we ran and the planes landing and taking off as we passed by the hangers. The planes and sunset were great distractions from the muscle fatigue.

It was good there was no cancellation. There were news of that happening, but we decided we will continue even if it was cancelled. No one or dust particles was going to stop us. The organizers’ Facebook page was filled with worries that the might worsen in the evening hours. There was no reassurances with regard to what they intended to do if the haze continued to be in the unhealthy range. We were thankful the sky started clearing close to 6.00 pm. Some of the comments posted were pretty harsh. There was a guy who mentioned that if the organizers were to cancel the race, this would be the first and last time he will be running in this race. I thought that was a bit unfair to the organizers because it wasn’t like they could control what went on in the heavens above.

We were not allowed to park at the army camp car park even though it was empty. Security reasons probably. So we parked elsewhere and walked over.

No finisher tee was given. I was actually hoping that the running tee might be dark colored because it was a night run but then again, precisely because it was a night run, we had to wear something brightly colored to be seen in the dark of dusk.

The medal is nicely shaped like a tear drop. Easy to hold in my palm to take pictures with. Not too big and chunky and fitted nicely in my small waist pouch.

There were a couple of celebrities present.

I would want to do this race again in 2017. Nice venue and the ‘running into the sunset’ thing makes up for the narrow running paths.

As of now, 12 more races to go before my goal of forty races in 2016 is accomplished.


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