How not to be the house mate from hell 

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August 25, 2016 by Soo Ee

Thoughtlessness equates selfishness. No one else should have tolerate your shi*t. 

1. Flush your sh*t. 

No one wants to pee in the wee hour of the morning and be assaulted by the sight or smell of soaked poop. I have seen other people’s huge ass poop as black as the night that took about three flushes to get rid of. 

2. Use a different spoon/butter knife/fork for the peanut butter and jam jars. 

Whoever offered up their jars of condiment in the common kitchen is generous to share. Let’s be considerate by using different spoons for different jars. And also not lick clean one spoon before inserting the same spoon into another jar. 

3. Ban morning negativity. 

Don’t dump your ‘oh today is going to be a shitty day’ negativity onto other people first thing in the morning. A good start to the day is vital. Any form of negativity just ruins it. Go for a morning run/walk/cycle to vent the negativity. 

4. Talk about three things that made you smile during dinner time. 

Everyone has shitty days some time or another. Some more than others. Dinner is a time of the day where you sit, share what goes on in your day and eat with peace in your heart that the day has passed and you have somewhat made it. 

5. Don’t be a grouch. 

We become grouches when we talk about crap at work, the hypocritical bosses or the stupid management. If you must, take two minutes, unload the unhappiness and be done with it. If you find yourself transforming into the grouch very often, take action to rectify the source of your unhappiness. 

6. Keep the commune space livable. 

If you read the papers, fold them back after you’re done. Put the books back on the shelves. Wash the used utensils and place them back on the drying rack. Keep all your clothes in your own space (bedroom). Throw all the wrappers and empty boxes after you’ve emptied the contents. 

7. Save electricity bill monies. 

It doesn’t take much to switch off the lights and air conditioning when you leave a place. 

8. Remember your keys and/or access card. 

We are your friends, not your house keeper. 

9. Cultivate good kitchen manners. 

Clean the cooking area and dispose unwanted food stuff proper. We do not want rats or cockroaches as house mates. Use the kitchen appliances the right way. We use them too. 

10. Be thoughtful. 

Have the courtesy to replenish items you have used up. 


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