House mates from Hell

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August 25, 2016 by Soo Ee

1. Flush after you pooped. No one wants to pee in the wee hour of the morning and be assaulted by the sight or smell of soaked poop. Especially the huge ass ones.

2. Do not use the same spoon for the peanut butter and jam at the same time. Not everyone likes their peanut butter or jam smeared with the other. And strictly NO LICKING THE SPOON before you dip in the other jar.

3. No early morning negativity. Keep your shit to yourself. You deserve it.

4. Don’t be a grouch at dinner time. Dinner time is for wrapping up the day with good feels. Not sharing how your boss is an idiot or that your colleague ate the last donut in the pantry. If you must share, keep it short and sweet and focus on what was good in the day. There has to be something.

5. Keep the commune space livable. Put back what you took out. Wash the utensil after use. Keep all your clothes off the floor. Throw the wrappers after you are done with what was inside.

6. Save the earth. Switch off whatever when you leave a place.



7. Have the courtesy to replenish items you have used up. It is irritating to find all the milk gone when you need a glass of it.

8. Thoughtlessness equates selfishness. No one else needs to tolerate shit like that.


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