Oats two ways 

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August 24, 2016 by pecanbutter

In a bid to cut down on my sugar intake, I have always skipped the carbo staple of Asians – rice. That made my dad say to me “don’t you think you should eat some rice occasionally because your brain needs the glucose to work better?” I could tell he was worried that I could be anorexic or that I am a carbo nazi. So I’m writing it down that “no dad! No worries! I’m not anti carbo! I just found a better replacement for it!” 


I do crossfit and runs. I need carbo for those two very high intensity and endurance activities. It was not realistic for me to go on a no carbo diet. So, I am trying to replace my carbo needs with oats and have done so for a week now, experimenting with the different recipes I found online. 


I was not a huge fan of mushy overnight oats because I remember eating them when I was a child and they tasted bland. That stayed with me for some time until that conversation with my dad. I have been reading articles online about the goodness of oats so I decided to try this. Thankfully, oats eating has evolved over the years since and has gone either sweet or savoury tasty. 


I tried out the oats prep in two ways: one overnight and the other for about 30 minutes. They both yielded different textures and flavours. 


Overnight oats (prepared the night before) 

Four heaped spoonful of rolled oats in mason jar. One tbsp raw honey dissolved in soya bean milk. Add pinch of cinnamon powder and one spoonful of tahini. Add oats to liquid mixture. Top with heaped spoonful or two of Greek yogurt and two soft boiled eggs. 
The oats for dinner were not soaked overnight like the breakfast one. 


In a pot, bring to boil 1/4 tsp of cinnamon powder+one heaped spoonful of pecan butter+ 3/4 cup soya bean milk+ 1 heaped tbsp raw honey. Add oats. Turn off heat. Stir to mix. Leave to cool. Eat after showering. 


I’m still not a fan of overnight oats though the taste is more intense and flavourful. And it is so convenient: add and fridge and pack it the next day. I prefer oats swirling in cinnamon and warm soya bean milk. Having that for dinner is just me showing the world my rebellious streak. 


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