Race #26 Standard Chartered KL Marathon

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August 9, 2016 by pecanbutter

Always a good practice to sleep earlier than you usually do and wake up earlier the few days before a marathon, to allow your body to tune into the early morning rise for marathons, usually at 3 or 4 am.

Practise eating before you head out to work.

Do a poop routine.

Deciding not to bring my water bottle and to drink at every hydrating station was great. No extra bulk to carry with me.

I have to reduce the toilet breaks. The 2-3 minutes breaks I took on top of the water breaks probably added to my race time.

I had with me 3 packs of fuel in total. The first fuel was taken at the one hour mark, which was later than my usual practice. I was so focused on counting the distance I forgot about fueling at the forty-five minutes mark.

I fuelled at 1:30, 2:00, 2:30, 3:00, 3:00, half a pack at each time. The fueling seemed adequate tho I was thinking might it help if I fueled more. No cramps during or after the run. After the 3:00 mark, I took the isotonic drinks provided at the hydration station.

I stopped twice to soothed the tightness at the back of my knees and my glutes. massage the back of the knee for the butt pain and squat stretched twice too.The pain was bearable but I wasted more time stopping and applying the anaesthetic sprays.

I wanted to jog and walk at the 38 km mark. My legs were starting to feel like lead. I felt a headache come on in the sun.  I had to keep going and finish this soon.

Do not need the shades of cap. Wearing a cap gives me a headache. Shades are so not useful.

I broke the distance into 4 parts to make it look easy to handle.

Once I reached the 20 km mark, I told myself I was halfway there and tried not to think too much into the other 20 km and to continue running. I was fearful at 30 km because there was mild pain. I have only ran one other FM and that was in a cooler climate. I did nit know how my body would respond in a warmer climate.

Having a friend to look out for helps. We told each other we would look out for each other throughout the run and she kept me distracted through my distances. Through the run until I caught up with her at 30km, I was looking out for her bright tee and blue cap. It was her first marathon so I waited for her at the finish for about 5 minutes and then we ran to the finish together.

My body handled the pain and heavy legs much better than I expected it to. Though I did not get enough sleep, I was able to keep going even after 38 km and a headache.

I have to find a way to deal with toilet and the hydration time wastages.

I crossed the finish at 4:45.

It is the down slopes which brought on most of the pain I felt. Up slopes were fine for me. This run had many down slopes and my knees were screaming for mercy. I had to reduce my speed quite a bit to reduce the pain.


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