Seize the carrot cake moment 

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August 9, 2016 by pecanbutter

In my medicated state, I had very strong cravings for fried carrot cake. Just in front of where I was sitting, was just the stall I was looking for. I procrastinated, hesitated, not knowing if I should proceed with my craving or feed my fever. 

After a good ten minutes, I decided to go get a proper meal before I order the carrot cake. After all, the stall wasn’t going anywhere, right? 

Wrong. After I returned with my other food and sat down, I saw that the lights to the stall were switched off. Upon further investigation, I was told they were closed for the day. 

It was a really sad day for my cravings. 

Lesson learnt: Life comes and goes too quickly. Take those moments quickly or you will lose them to the wind. Sometimes, for good. 


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