If you have no time to cook 

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August 2, 2016 by Soo Ee

Meal planning, grocery shopping and cooking are as fun as training, at least to me they are. I see the benefits of being devoted to my training plan as well as what I eat. I don’t like to go into a meal or workout hungry. As my training intensity and volume increases throughout this year, that leaves me less time and energy for meal prepping, so it is important to find ways to eat healthy even if I have very little time to cook. 

Some simple guidelines: 

1. Plan your meal. Plan your meals and snacks, grocery shopping, then prep. Eating is much easier and healthier and affordable in this order. 

2. Batch cook. Why cook one chicken breast when you can cook five? Instead of making one portion of grilled vegetables, create a whole selection of butternut squash, onions, pumpkins, broccoli for easy heat up meals. 

3. Select a meal theme- e.g. Meatless Monday, soup Tuesday- each night of the week to make planning and shopping easy. 

4. Simplify the meal to include at least four healthy components: plants, protein, starch/grains and fat. Whether it’s two slices of bread with scrambled eggs and sautéed vegetables, or brown rice with sautéed mixed root veggies, you’ve covered the basics. 


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