It is important to find ways to eat healthy even if I have very little time to cook

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August 2, 2016 by pecanbutter

Meal planning and grocery shopping are tough chores to keep to, on top of a work and training schedule.

I am determined to find ways to do it because I see the benefits of being devoted to my training plan as well as what I eat. I don’t like to go into a meal or workout hungry.

As my training intensity and volume increases throughout this year, that leaves me less time and energy for meal prepping.

Some simple guidelines: 

1. Plan meals. Plan breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks.

2. Batch cook. Why cook one chicken breast when you can cook five? Instead of making one portion of grilled vegetables, create a whole selection of butternut squash, onions, pumpkins, broccoli for easy heat up meals.

3. Select a meal theme- e.g. Meatless Monday, soup Tuesday- just to mix and match to get out of the monotony.

4. Simplify the meal and cover basics – vegetable, protein. Done.


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