Race number 22

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July 17, 2016 by Soo Ee

Race: MSIG Action Asia 50

Distance: 10km Trail

I love this run because I discovered a new trail course which runs beside BKE. Other than that, there are also the:

1. ‘You could call them creepy or serene looking’ restrooms. If they weren’t made of plastic, I would call them attap houses.

2. Sunday morning dawn. It is crazy to wake up so early on a Sunday but to witness dawn breaking, the loss of some sleep time is worth its weight in gold.

3. The really huge Redbull tent for participants to chill and relax and stretch before their event. So thoughtful.

4. The many photographers at the start line taking photographs like we are super stars getting ready to show them what we are made of. “Me! Me! Look I am posing!”

5. The feel in the air as the time to start our 10 km journey draws closer. The air of eagerness, excitement and anticipation was thick and motivating. Let’s go!

6. Harry Potter lightning hair tattoo will bless me with a good run worth the money.

7. Beautiful landscape and morning sun.

8. Discovery of the secret biker’s stunt area.

9. More beautiful landscape.

10. My medal for finishing the 10 km run.

11. My shoes completing the trail initiation ritual. It looks kick assy seasoned. There wasn’t a smudge of dirt on it anywhere before the run.

12. Me at the finishing line. At this point in time, my legs were screaming ‘can we please sit down” like a rioting crowd, for the abuse I put them through.

13. My favourite part after a run – breakfast for kings and queens, I give you the eggs, the toasts and most importantly, the COFFFFEEEEEEE!


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