Race number 20

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July 8, 2016 by Soo Ee

Race: Gold Coast Airport Marathon

Distance: 42km

Location: Brisbane, Australia

Streets of Surfer’s paradise.

The beach at Surfer’s Paradise.

The breakfast box given by Scenic Travels, along with the race bib they collected on my behalf. A banana, an apple, a oat bar.

The donuts I got from Donut time. Nutella filled and Original glazed. Seems like a popular donut joint. The reason I even bought them to try was because I saw people making a beeline for it. Carbo loading at its finest.

Waiting for the corrals to pass.

And we are off! My first marathon for 2016. I was filled with apprehension when I started and I kept telling myself “let’s do this slow and steady. My aim is to finish strong and finish I will.” And so, I counted the distance kilometer by kilometer, 2 down, 40 more to go … 10 down, 32 more to go … 20 down and halfway done… 30 down, 12 more to go … 40 down, 2 more to go! And DONE!

Beautiful medal. I am glad I decided to carry on running the full marathon even though Chris was not able to do it and that I did not downgrade to a half marathon instead. Looking at the awesome like gold medal, the fact that I only walked 2 km throughout the race (from 36-37, 39-40km) and finished in less than 5 hours (4 hours 58 minutes according to my Garmin) and I didn’t feel the same fatigue I felt the last time I ran a fm in Singapore, it was an awesome experience. The grueling 5 hours worth of running on my feet was worth it. I took 3 and a half pack of gel, starting from 45 minutes and 1 for every 45 minutes. I only took half a pack in the last hour or so because I didn’t want to overload my system with sugar/caffeine and the one I took was given so why not just take it and discard the other half (the one I carried had caffeine). I hydrated at every water station even though I didn’t feel thirsty or dehydrated, to keep the headaches away. Hydration helped. It was bright and sunny but the cooling breeze was nice even though we started running at 7.20 am when the sun was almost up and I finished close to noon. I was sun burnt. My shoulders were red and the top of my nose too. I have to remember to apply sunblock in the next full marathon I do because it will definitely stretch beyond 9 am and the sun would be high up in the sky by then. The caffeine +sugar from the coke provided by the volunteer probably helped me focus and refuel for the last 5 km.

Sumi and company.


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