Race number 19

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July 6, 2016 by Soo Ee

Race: Seattle Rock and Roll

Distance: 21 km

I did not visit the space needle the whole time I was in Seattle till the last day, on the morning of the run because my objectives in Seattle were 1. Coffee 2. Cafes 3. Food 4. Runs.

My first encounter with stating in corrals.I was still a little blur when my run manager asked me “so which corral are you in?” And I said “what corral?” Words of a noob. When I check the time wrist band I realised the person at the booth actually wrote down my corral number for me at the expo where I did my pack collection. I realised too when I registered for the run I had to state which corral I wanted to be in according to race timing and I actually picked 2:15 and totally forgotten about it.

At the start line, it was finally our turn for flag off!

Mid way through the run I saw this giant balloon man and I thought “picture time!”


Recovery breakfast. Vegetable and egg scramble. Quinoa kale and prosciutto.

One more coffee before leaving for the airport to head back home.


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