Thank you all for your support and love 


July 3, 2016 by pecanbutter

I’ve never given much thought about how other people see my runs until I got a call on Friday before I left for Gold Coast, from someone who told me all too bluntly (and angry) that I was irresponsible blah blah blah and that I should not waste my time doing all those (quote) ‘stupid marathon runs.’ That came as a shock. I didn’t think I have ever let the runs interfere with work or what I had to do. My parents understood that and have always been silently supportive. My friends cheered me on and tell me to continue to be an inspiration. That said, though this other group of people are neither friend or family, I want to do a #shoutout and dedicate this FM medal to those people.

My words: You will not understand what I do and I don’t need you to. I just hope that you will eventually see that life is short and in time to come, begin to do something meaningful with it. With this, I want to thank everyone who has given me your support, love and inspiration. 

You are the best people to have in my life! #sooruns40 #goldcoastairportmarathon #gcam16


One thought on “Thank you all for your support and love 

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