Seattle: Green lake and biscuits @Morsel

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June 19, 2016 by pecanbutter

Still nauseous from the herbal experience. Breakfast was the leftover hummus (which smelled a little funky) and edamame and sesame quinoa from yesterday. I probably shouldn’t be eating anything that smelled strange because I have an almost-important-could-be-pb- run tomorrow. I only realised I probably shouldn’t after I was done eating and my stomach felt queasy. 

Went out to Green lake to check out the cafes. Wayward vegan was not opened when I touched base there at 7:28am. It would be opened at 9am but that was too long to wait, in the cold. I decided then to change course and go up to Morsel, in University District. 

Halfway through walking, I became restless and decided to abandon my plan to walk to Morsel. I took a bus to Zoka Coffee instead. It’s somewhere slightly outside of U district. I like it here. The spaciousness of the place and me arriving slightly earlier than the morning crowd meant I got a nice seat with view of the whole cafe just beside a power point socket to charge my phone. 

I tried the cold brew coffee at Zoka. Cold brew had a more concentrated percentage of caffeine than the usual expresso. Sufficiently caffeinated, I thought “yeah, let’s go to Morsel, since it is still too early to head back to the hostel.” 

On the way, I stopped by Chaco Canyon, a vegan and organic coffee place. I was taking a pick between the regular chai, dirty chai and London fog. Regular chai was just tea with milk, Dirty chai was chai+expresso and London fog was earl grey+milk. I went with London Fog because I felt like being cleansed (in denial) Tea was sweet. I asked them to separate the milk in another pitcher for me. I somehow miss Teh Tarik, though I seldom drink it. 

Morsel sold breakfast sandwiches. It’s a small joint and they sold breakfast items eg eggs, sandwiched between two fluffy biscuits. There was a choice of buttermilk, cheddar and biscuit special. I chose buttermilk because it was the original flavour of biscuits. I ordered the Spanish fly – fried egg, prosciutto, arugula and some sauce. I only ate half of the sandwich. The rest will be dinner. 


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