Seattle: Foundation crossfit and The mystery of Love and Sex 

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June 17, 2016 by pecanbutter

Started my morning with crossfit at foundation crossfit. 

We did kettle bells, which was not my favourite part of crossfit. The trainer Andrea (I think that’s her name) is nice. She shared that she was from NYC, but was quick to add that she came from the outer region of NYC, not the city area.  I overheard her tell the other crossfitters after our session, that her place is a 4 hours drive from NYC. She stayed in Boston and came over to Seattle. She liked the weather here, says that  it doesn’t snow here unlike NYC. At most it rains a lot. 

The workout was mildly siong, the place is big and very cold because it was an open garage kind of concept and they left the huge door opened and it’s about 8 c outside this morning. 

I went back to the hostel after crossfit. Ate the chicken I bought from Safeway. A whole pack of about 8 pieces for 7.33 usd. It’s cold. I left it out on the table in the room because I didn’t want it to be lost in the fridge. I still couldn’t locate my lemon. There could be farm antibiotic injected into the chicken but budget constraint into consideration (and to be able to stay on a carnivore diet) that’s quite a bargain. That plus the sour dough from two days back. I think quinoa could be nice but that’s found only in Columbia city. I will go there tomorrow to get food for the-after-race-before-flight back home. Getting a little sick of heavy meals. I took a short nap while I waited for the phone to finish charging to 100%. Good nap. I didn’t know I was that tired so tht I dozed off I set the alarm for 30 mins. 

Poured the remaining whey into the running bottle and stuck it outside the window. The fridge is too damn full. The cold outside will be enough to keep it unrotten for at least 2 days. The container holding my lemon is lost in the fridge. I couldn’t find it this morning. Damn. Il try not to put anything in it anymore and be careful when I take a bite off the things I don’t keep refrigerated. The salmon cheese quiche from last week was moldy (fluffy things on it) so I threw it away yesterday (or was it the day before I did so). I spent a little time in the kitchen to read the papers to see if there was anything interesting going on around Seattle before I leave. 

Morning coffee stop: Slate coffee bar @Pioneer square. It was recommend by Andrea the trainer from this morning so I tot I’d drop by. They have this set called the deconstruction. Which is a shot of expresso, a small pitcher of milk and a combination cup of coffee+milk, just so that you can taste the difference of the individual component and the combined product. Didn’t try that because I don’t really like expresso neat. Too acidic. Wanted to do some real adult work at slate but when I took out the pile of stuff I got bored and didn’t felt like doing anything. I just wanted to read and write. 
Lunched at Uli’s. I had the Linguica (medium), French onion(mild), heavy garlic (chicken) and Cajun andouille (spicy). Antibiotic free sausages. Eat clean to train mean lives. 

Went to watch a play at ACT. I paid 20usd instead of 60 usd because the counter guy saw me wear the university of Washington tee and thought I was a student there. Students get the discount of  20usd. Lol. nice. The play ‘The mystery of love and sex’ was about this man and woman (BFFs) who knew each other since they were very young and then they went into college together. The act started with them inviting her parents to dinner at their dorm room and how the parents interacted and how she try to make everything good and how he went out to get butter for the farther cos he was picky. Afterwards, she doubted her sexual orientation when she met another lesbian and wondered if she was one. She wanted to be sure so one night after a heavy drinking session she stripped (the actress really stripped) and laid down for him to have sex with her. He didn’t. She was hurt. He dated someone else. Another scene showed him coming to interview the father of the girl and getting into a little of their family disagreement. The mum said she was seeing another man. The girl confessed to her parents her orientation. The man told the girl she was acting all crazy the night before when they were all out with their friends. She was yelling and hurling abuses at the man’s current gf and going on and on about stuff. Another scene they became estranged. She was getting married and she didn’t allow him to come to her wedding. He came anyway and stripped (yes he stripped too to nothing) and they reconciled in the end. 

It was an interesting play. I didn’t pick it specifically. I was nearby and thought to watch something, either a movie or a play and that happened to be available. 


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