Seattle Tuesday: Xplore Crossfit (pull-ups and OHS) and University District 

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June 17, 2016 by pecanbutter

No morning workout today. Recounting,  I went out to Xplore crossfit yesterday for an evening session because the morning fitness workout was not stimulating enough (pull ups and rolls). Coach Jodi made me front squat lift (without squatting) a 50 kg weight for 20 seconds 3 rounds. Gosh, so heavy. We did some really interesting warm up, whereby we held a kettle bell in the squat position and get on the floor. I was made to take the 16 lbs kb because they said I geng too much. In their stand, they said I sandbagged. First squat then in that position, move left, move right (according to what she prescribed) and when she said knees, we were to get onto our knees and get up remaining in squat position. Interesting. I have never done this even in NYC. Then came the squats. I was not allowed to sandbag so no 10 kg weight for me. I had to pack 30 kg in all, which was way heavier than my usual weight. Workout was good. I woke up this morning with minimal sore and the back is still intact. Whoopeeeeeeee!! 

The workout: 

Breakfast stop, Lola. Another recommended breakfast place. The place looks classy, restaurant kind. I ordered the Tom’s favourite breakfast: Mediterranean octopus, winter squash, Brussels sprouts, maple yogurt, bacon, sunny side egg, toast. I don’t recall seeing any Brussels sprouts though. The octopus was cooked perfectly – soft not chewy or slimy. So nice. Expensive breakfast set me back 25 USD. Thank goodness for credit cards. 

First coffee stop: Ugly mug cafe is located at a corner of the building. Nice rustic setting and this time, I had my universal charger to charge my phone. 

Downside: The cafe smelled of food and I smelled of food. The machiatto with soy had too much foam and the foam didn’t mix well with the expresso. Maybe I shouldn’t order expresso with soy anymore. The foam formed like a cloud resting on top of the machiatto and it looked angry and disengaged. 

Second stop @1130, Sureshot cafe. Rock themed cafe. The barista said that the cafe has been here since the 1980s. Their wifi password is brucelee7. Bruce Lee fan. I asked for foam only in my machiatto and the barista told me that’s the original machiatto. Starbucks ruined it by making it almost like a miniature cappuccino, and all this while, I thought that was how they drank machiatto! 

Trabant is closed. 

Third stop: Tea republik. I didn’t stay to drink because the drinks looked like they were just bubble tea in a classy setting. 


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