Seattle Level 4 Crossfit and University District

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June 16, 2016 by pecanbutter

Morning crossfit at level 4 crossfit. Ah yah, I must remember that ‘fitness’ session means just workout, no metcon strength training and WOD. That was pretty low intensity huff and puff. 3-5 pull up 3010, dex lats bells- 4 rounds, 3 rounds row 750m 2 mins min rest.

The rows were supposed to be done with speed but I no can do speed work on rower. So I did my own time own target thing.

The gym is located in a yacht storage kind of place. It is huge. It is bigger than Crossfit hub.

Anyway I’m not going back there anymore. It was too far and the workout intensity was too low for my sadistic liking.

I had breakfast Portage Bay a second time. That place with the fancy outdoor heaters and served awesome scrambled egg with beecher’a cheese. It just so happened to be in the way of where I was heading to. I was deciding on whether to go back to the hostel after crossfit to wash up or just carry on with my day’s activities, in post workout wear. The latter won. It was a delight to not feel the humidity on my skin after a workout.

Next stop, University district! I had macchiato with soy milk.

Cafe Allergo. The oldest coffee shop in Seattle. It was authentically located at the back of an alley, not along the main Street area. I took a little while locating it, even with Google map. The macchiato with soy had foam that looked a little rough.

Street view

Bulldog news @12:41pm. Part newspaper and magazine shop, part cafe with an actual coffee counter and a barista with it. Chatted a little with the guy at the newsstand. I commented “the place looks good.” He said yeah and was telling me something while he was getting me my change. I couldn’t make out the words. Nevertheless I didn’t want to seem rude so I nodded my head, smiled and said yeah to everything he said. So Asian.

My need to conquer spaces


Cafe on the avenue @13:48. I’m feeling the caffeine overdose jitteries like “Woooo… I got to take it easy.”

I’m restless and I can’t focus. I ordered egg Benedict but it came without hollandaise and looked like they were not dried proper after the hot bath. There were two slices of what was suppose to be rye bread but looked like regular toasts. They added fruits and two sausages which looked puny. Ain’t foreign sausages suppose to be bigger? I concluded the meal was not worth the price.

I was so high on caffeine, I ate up the eggs and sausages in less than 5 minutes.  The barista was suppose to be friendly according to the article online. He looked like he’d rather be some place else. It just wasn’t my day for cafe on the avenue.

Just as I was about to eat my food, I found this coin sized sticky black patch on the black table with what seemed like hair. Omg. Hair. A small bunch of hair. I felt instantly nauseous. I really hated hair that was not on a head and one of the worse places for unknown follicles to be at was on a table. Gross much.

Cafe solstice @14:13. I like the macchiato and the nice chill ambience. The general set up was dimly lit but I could still do my reading. The place was almost full when I came in. I found a seat near the dustbin. No wonder it was unoccupied.

It was almost past my coffee drinking curfew. I will need to stop now if I am to get any sleep done at night.

I was so up on caffeine I went for a second workout at Xplore Crossfit.


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