Seattle: Level 4 Crossfit and University District

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June 16, 2016 by Soo Ee

Morning crossfit at level 4 crossfit. Ah yah, I must remember that ‘fitness’ session means just workout, no metcon strength training and WOD. That was pretty low intensity huff and puff. 3-5 pull up 3010, dex lats bells- 4 rounds, 3 rounds row 750m 2 mins min rest.

The rows were supposed to be done with speed but I no can do speed work on rower. So I did my own time own target thing. The place is really far from the hostel, situated in a yacht storage kind of place. I guess that was why it is really huge like a godown. Definitely bigger than my crossfit place in sg. Anyway I’m not going back there anymore. The sadist in me wants me to go to a place that have coaches bent on blasting every single cell of my body for adrenaline. 

Did breakfast at the same place, portage bay, the one with the fancy outdoor heaters and awesome scrambled egg with beecher’a cheese, because it was on the way to where I was headed to. I was deciding on whether to go back to the hostel after crossfit or just hang out. The cold weather allowed me to be not sticky and smelly and sinfully dirty so I went with dirty. 

Next stop, University district! It’s macchiato with soy all the way! ROOOAARRRRRRRRR!!! 

First stop coffee: Cafe allergo @11am. The oldest coffee shop in Seattle, they say. Sure looks old to me, very authentic. It was located at the back alley, not along the main Street area so it took me quite a while to look for it, with google map. Personally, the macchiato with soy had seemingly foam that looks a ‘rough’, not velvety. 

Second stop coffee: Bulldog news @12:41pm. Part newspaper and magazine shop part cafe with an actual coffee counter and a barista with it. Chatted a little with the guy at the newstand. I commented “the place looks good.” He said yeah and was telling me something while he was getting me my change. I couldn’t make out the words. Nevertheless I didn’t want to seem rude so I nodded my head, smiled and said yeah to everything he said. 

My need to occupy space. 

Third stop: cafe on the avenue @13:48. Taking a break from coffee drinking because I’m feeling the jittery like wooooooo take it easy. I’m restless and I can’t focus. I ordered egg Benedict but it came without hollandaise and looked like they were not dried proper after the hot bath. Additonal two slices of what apparently is rye bread but looked like regular toasts. And a plate of fruits. And two sausages which looked puny, like the sausages we get at NTUC for bbqs. So not worth the price. 

I was so high on caffeine, I ate up the eggs and sausages in less than 5 minutes.  The barista was suppose to be friendly according to the article online. They looked like they can’t wait to run to the door after their shift. 

Then it happened. Just as I was about to eat my food, I found this coin sized sticky black patch on the black table with what seemed like hair. Omg. Hair. A small bunch of hair. That sent shivers down my spine and I felt nauseous. 

Fourth stop: cafe solstice @14:13. The Macchiato is good. Chilled place, dimly lit but can do reading. The place was almost full when I came in. Very fortunately I found a seat near the dustbin.

It’s almost past my permitted coffee drinking time (3pm). I am sometimes still very sensitive to coffee so I have this rule in case I have to grapple with myself to drink or not to drink. Having a rule set makes it easier for my weak mind to make a huge decision which might cause me insomnia. I’ve worked out, after numerous experiment days, that 3 pm is the time that works for my body, enough for it to clear out the caffeine in my system before sleep hits me.

I was so up on caffeine I went for a second workout at xplore. 


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