Seattle: Stumptown and Pride 

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June 13, 2016 by Soo Ee

What not to do at a  hostel:

Get up all blurry eyes for a loo visit in the middle of the night. Look for your key card in the dark. Leave the room without checking if you have gotten the right card instead of a name card.

Luckily the reception was able to issue me a replacement card. 

Sleep was interrupted momentarily.

Had breakfast in house. I cooked the Apple pork sausages I bought from this sausage making place at pike place market the previous day. Sausages took a little longer than expected to cook. I want even sure they were cooked completely (though I pried them open and saw so signs of uncooked portions) There was hostel provided bread, bagels, sweet corn butter, jam and peanut butter creamy for communal sharing.

Weather was gloomy today. It drizzled a little yesterday evening and ruined my hair a little. I hope it doesn’t rain tomorrow morning during the run. I can’t imagine running in the cold, drenched. If I had balls, they would freeze. 

It rained in the afternoon. Luckily I had already left the Volunteer Park Pride Festival and was back at Bakery Nouveau for my second seated round of coffee. The first round was takeaway. This round was to rest the tired legs. 

The fish shaped croissant with salmon and cream cheese filling, which was sold out the second time I went. Flaky yet crisp outer with fragrant filling. Oh so nice. 

This morning, I hopped on the wrong bus to Madison park. Hopped off 1 min into journey when I realised I was going in the wrong direction as dictated by Google map. I was too eager to hop on because the wait time for buses in Seattle was too long for my Singaporean ‘bus always comes in 3 minutes’ mentality. I was spoilt and impatient. After hopping off, I then realised I did not have enough coins to take the next bus. Fate decrees that I walk from international district up to Madison park. It was a 6-7 km distance.  I enjoyed the walk with the nice weather. Saw a few interesting places on the way to Madison park.

One of it was stump town! I didn’t get to visit one when I was in NYC so I was happy to pop in for a cup of coffee. I was not supposed to keep off coffee today because I have a race tomorrow and I needed to wean off caffeine to sleep well tonight. After a fight with my myself, I decided to yolo and give in to not resist Stumptown. The coffee didn’t disappoint. I had macchiato with only the foam. No milk. I felt happiness of a coffee kind of high level. 

Finally got to starbucks @Madison park to collect my race pack. There was a crowd there. According to a regular, this was not the usual Saturday crowd. Saturday was usually quite peaceful and quiet. found seats outside and sat to write WITHOUT ordering a Starbucks. I’m still resisting. 

Volunteer park pride festival

Tents selling products and promoting animal and human rights. 

Men socialising with their pets. 

Nice day to sit and watch a concert. 

Food truck Cheese Wizard. I picked this over the rest because their menu board was fancy. I ordered the goblin king. 

This looks good and it tastes even better.The other crust is crisp. Only thing though, the inside fillings could be more (the red bell pepper and the butter). Everything else is good. 

Pride at 360. 

Retirement plan van number two. I was thinking maybe a food truck. This here is a massage van (I saw from the signboard displayed outside) There was no one in the van at that time I was there. I would ask to take a look inside. I went up to the window to peek inside and I saw a dog. I backed away slowly in order not to alarm it.

I looked up and saw my sky. 


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