I am going to learn how to communicate better 

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June 13, 2016 by Soo Ee

One of the things I want to learn to do in 2016, is to be a better communicator and have happy conversations with people. So here I listed 10 things I will put on my list of things to remember, to keep my conversations positive and productive. Must be the soy machiatto I am drinking. Soy is said to be high in isoflavones, which has been linked to being happy. 

1. I shall treat each person as an individual with his or her own needs, desires and autonomy. 

2. I shall take time to process and reflect and know that there is no need to respond right away. 

3.I shall edit my words and communicate in a way to help others better understand my perspective. 

4. I shall speak only for myself and don’t claim that my views are universal. 

5. I shall draw upon resources that most people would agree are credible when making factual claims. 

6. I shall be more open minded and be willing to listen and try to understand. 

7. I shall use conversations as an opportunity to find shared values and interests that will open lines of communication. 

8. I shall stop, breathe and find peace in myself before I I respond to anything. 

9. I shall show respect and avoid sarcasm and condescension. 

10. I shall learn to listen to the other person and ask genuine questions with the goal of understanding them better. 

Source: Vegnews magazine, June 2016. 


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