Seattle: Xplore Crossfit, Pike place market, Cafes downtown 

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June 12, 2016 by Soo Ee

Oh how not to crossfit when traveling. To start a day on adrenaline was a good way to start a day. I searched Google. There were a few recommended ones but I picked this one because it was within walking/running distance to where my hostel was at. I could essentially jogged there and then back again. Love that it is on ground level and they have classes as early as 6.30 am, which was the one I attended. 

I chanced upon this cafe, Convoy Coffee, on the way to Pike Place Market. It seemed like a cool place so I had to pop in for a coffee even though I shouldn’t be having coffee this early in the morning and especially not after crossfit when my adrenaline was still pretty high. This was not only a cafe, it was also a creative working space for people. So far, the cafes I have been to here in Seattle doesn’t have open windows like this one here, and it is great to let the sunshine in! Nothing like sunlight to brighten up a day. 

Pike place market, the famous food/market place in Seattle. Even chefs come here to buy produce for their restaurants. 

Coffee at Local Art cafe. Independent coffee shop. 

The ‘secret’ in the sky. Pike Place Urban garden. 

DO NOT PICK THE VEGGIES! It scares the plants. 

Do you see a giraffe in this picture? 

This is not a mason jar of brains. It was a fruit jar made by the flood tour guide and with his home made whip cream on it, it tastes like oh my gawd would taste like. Great together with some sunshine. 

So where to go to? 

My retirement plan. The van, not breaking bad. 

Cafe Ladro, a local cafe. The barista added a glass of soda water to the machiatto I ordered. I asked why. He said that the soda water cleanses the palatte and removes the after coffee taste in the mouth. First time I was given soda water as a chaser after coffee. Another thing I noted, the machiatto I have had so far here in Seattle come with a lot of milk unlike the ones in singapore ,  made usually with just a dollop of foam on top. Note anything peculiar about this picture? 

Story I read in a magazine. Humanity is lost. 

Recreational drugs advertisement. 

This is what Cafe Ladro looks like from the outside. 


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