Around where I stayed, while in Seattle

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June 10, 2016 by pecanbutter


My room, my mess

Seattle is part a ohmmm eat clean place. Vegetarian food places like this one, are widely available.  

Coffee hunting!

@Analog coffee. This joint is tucked in a quiet part in the neighborhood (like Necessary provision or Lynn’s). Small place with a dog (not the owner’s) and seats al fresco to enjoy a smoke and coffee. 

@Starbucks reserve. Not on purpose that I came here but why not since I am here. 

Starbuck reserve. People really like taking pictures with the building.

@Cafe Vivace. Nice foresty area out in front of the cafe. 

This is how they park their bicycles in Seattle. Bicycle parking area is neat. Cyclists are taken care of here in Seattle. They have a bicycle transport route map. They bring the bikes into public transports and there are areas in the transport to ‘park’ your bicycle and it’s cool with everyone. 

@Portage. Mug says ‘Eat like I give a damn.’ I had the Migas (3 organic stiebrs farm eggs scrambled with chicken chipotle and cumin, tillamook medium and Beecher’s sharp white cheddar cheese, fresh basil, sour cream and housemate salsa, folded into a large flour tortilla, avocado salsa garnish, herb roasted potatoes.) Additional Uli’s sausage. I saved half of this for dinner because the portion came quite huge. Or I ordered a tate too much for me only. I know, I know, I should have taken pictures of the food and not this mug.

@Cafe Suisse. They are Swedish and they serve decent coffee. The ambience is nice with a nice barista. Great start to a day.

Random outdoor place. Nice to have a cuppa outdoors.

I cannot resist super markets but I can resist buying garlic cloves that are huge! 


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