Race #13 Spartan Super Singapore

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May 15, 2016 by pecanbutter

Chalk on my hands and burpees in my blood.

The plan was to play to my strengths and eat the burpees for dessert.

1 hour 38 minutes and 12km later, the realisation that I made the grave mistake of underestimating the treacherous and merciless route humbled me.

No podium finish this time round but I believe I became stronger.

1. Train to be faster at the get go. The other contenders took off at a very fast pace at the sound of the gun. I thought I’d be able to catch up with them because that was what I usually could do. Slow and steady and beat them at endurance. I was wrong. They were already too far ahead when i was ready to catch up.

2. Use chalk for hanging obstacles. Keep the necessary properly. I lost my bag of chalk along the way and had to eat burpees when I slipped in my next overhead obstacle.

3. Be well-prepared for cramps due to many hilly slopes.

4. Cut your fingernails really short to prevent chipped nails or mud under nails.

5. Rope burns are painful and totally going to be infected swooshing around in the dirt and mud.

6. Practise your burpees. Work up to complete at least 150 or more without fatigue.

Finishing at 5th place, bringing home a fractured collarbone, disappointments and a pair of disfigured bruised knees were not at all in my great scheme of things to happen on that glorious Saturday. But taking everything in stride, as wise men of old have said,

“there is no greater motivation to train harder than to get your ass kicked and face rubbed in dirt.”

I’m coming for you with all I have, Spartan Race Beast.

Result photo credit: Chris Lee


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