Race #11 NTUC income Run 350

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April 15, 2016 by pecanbutter

This was my first time running the Run350. I didn’t quite like the running tee. I signed up this year because my goal this year is to complete forty runs and do I must.

The race started at the F1 pit. I thought it might be a good first time to check out the running route and the hydration points so that I could leave my water bottle at home for future runs. Since this was considered a ‘training run’ I’d start with hydrating from the water points along the way. They had a substantial number of hydration points.

In small dot Singapore, Nicoll Highway is considered one of the good places to run a race. It was wide and spacious with enough room to hold most people. It was frustrating to run on narrow roads where you had to brush past sweaty bodies or slow down in shock when someone unexpectedly cuts into your path.

I started to feel a stitch coming on at the beginning. I regretted running the 14 km the day before, even if it was to celebrate a Saturday free from work. Hydrate and hope for the best. Good that I read in a magazine, that if the stitch happened on your right side, you exhale when your left foot strikes the ground. It will then set things back in order.

Bananas are good refuel food


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