Race #10 2 XU Compresssport Run: Eddie ran the race too 

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April 5, 2016 by Soo Ee

I turn forty this year. I am running 40 races and I am one quarter done.

I realised that no matter how old one gets, learning happens all the time.

Like how it is never too late to know that…

… two hours of sleep the night before a 21 km race won’t cut it. Your body will be out of sync. Your heart will palpitate abnormally. The run will feel like a torture.

… the air conditioning system at home should not be taken for granted. I spent the night before 2 XU at some place else and there was no air conditioning there. Sleep eluded me for hours. My head hurt throughout the run.

… race anxiety is normal but it is important to know beforehand what keeps you zen. Presence of specific people, going to the loo before the race, eating a banana etc. What keeps you zen will keep you calm and focused.

… thinking about breakfast is an awesome motivation to keep going. I reckon that if I finish ahead of most people, the breakfast places that I want to have my breakfast won’t be crowded and I won’t have to wait too long to eat. So I keep going strong!

… white running tees will have visible sweat stains. Accept that.

… cold water at hydration points is a luxury that will be celebrated with a good finish.

… one should always stay focused and alert even when tired. Some point in the middle of the race, a man tried to over take some people and ended up tripping another lady who fell against the metal railing. OUCH! During my last 2 km, I was sprinting to the finish line when a guy 2m in front of me stopped suddenly and I almost crashed right into him. I managed to cushion the crash by extending my hands out in front of me and bumped him away.

… despite the repeating Singapore running routes, the races here are as enjoyable as the ones overseas because my friends are running too!

Well done, Eddie!

So good to see everyone!



The Sem Sisters posing one for the camera.

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They say ‘活到老学到老’. I say ya to that.


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