Race #10 2 XU Compresssport Run

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April 5, 2016 by pecanbutter


Eddie ran this race too, his first 21 km after many years.

I am at the one quarter mark with my forty races.

Some learning happened.

Just having two hours of sleep the night before a 21 km race won’t cut it. My body felt out of sync, my heart was beating irregularly and the entire run felt shitty.

My pampered body needs to sleep in an air conditioned room, so I will get a good night’s sleep and not perspire too much. My head hurt throughout the run, a probable result of dehydration.

What keeps you zen will keep you calm and focused.

Breakfast is an awesome motivation to keep going when shit hits the fan. Motivation came from thinking that my favourite breakfast places will be filled with people who were done with the race earlier than I did.

No white running tee during runs. Sweat stains are unsightly.

I love having cold water at hydration points. Who doesn’t?

Stay focused even when your mind is slipping away. A guy tried to over take some dude and ended up tripping another lady who fell and hit the metal railing. A guy in front of me stopped abruptly during my last 2 km sprint and almost caused me to crash into him.

Singapore running routes are boring but having friends doing the same race too kind of offsets the boredom. Especially when they want to meet up for breakfast after the run!

Well done, Eddie!

So good to see everyone!



Liza and Eileen Sem






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